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Publishing and Consignment

I am not sure if I have lost my readership.  I first took a very long hiatus, then had to go into treatment when I went off my medication again.

Since then, I’ve published my poetry book, and the owner of a new bookstore in Old Town Salinas has told me she’ll put my poetry books and children’s books in her store on consignment.  She said also that she might like if I do a poetry reading on her grand opening.

Publishing a Poetry Book

I’m soon going to be finishing publication of a poetry book entitled Dandelion Wings, Daisies and Daffodils: The World of Wilma.  I’m doing it on Create Space like I did the children’s books, and I hope to have them available at a local art show.  I also hope to sell some at some point.  I have not actively marketed the first one, and I am trying to think of ways to do it.  I had been talking to a local shop.  I know they are opening a bigger used book store and might have room for a local author on consignment.  When they open, I might ask there.  

That’s about all.

If wishes were fishes, we’d all have tails. . .

We may not all have tails (‘cept tail bone injuries are super painful, and I should know — having fallen at the playground when I was about nine and jumped at the tot lot next to the community center swimming pool in the Valley).  

Even though tails ain’t the rage of our species, it’s the tale of our struggles with achieving success, wisdom, and gainful endeavors that makes our time on earth so fruitful and full of abundance, or so I like to tell myself when it’s troubling and I wind up falling on my face and seemingly landing in a pile of you-know-what as a result of my stubborn pride.

This is all in reference to my resistance to medication up until recently.  I had another trip to the crisis house, from which I returned about a month ago.  My husband and I had a falling out and stopped visiting with each other, and I was feeling about two feet tall at times and then believing I had god-like powers at others.  Such are the ups and the downs of my sickness.

I’m on target in terms of equilibrium, and I’m managing to do as my old therapist, Jane Morris, recommended: do something for myself that isn’t a pill.  It’s a lighthearted double meaning, which is okay in my book.


I’m trying to start sharing my poetry, creative prose, and maybe in the future, some images with the world.  Stay tuned.

Having an outlet for one’s emotions

Having an outlet for one's emotions

…this is mine. What’s yours?

We all have a role to play in our own health. This is different for each of us. Our relationship with our health providers may be one aspect. Our relationship with ourselves is another. I can choose to create myself time and time again, or I can make lasting changes. However, it’s important to remember that harmony is important in a transition, and it can affect people around you.

Someone once told me, “Take what you want in life and pay for it.” They did not mean literally with money. This is a clue: Health is not found in a medicine jar although medicine is important. Health is your relationship with what you need to feel optimal. This is different for each of us, and it is not easy for everyone to see what is needed in their own lives. There are many cliches to this effect, but they are tedious.

What works for me, may not work for you. However, the principles that govern health are the same for everyone. We need clean water, fresh air, nourishing food that fits our own requirements for health (and emotional needs as well), we need healthy relationships, a breath of fresh air, and the ability to do exercises, walk outside and to know we are alive….. through our breath, our ability to thrive. It is of course, not at the expense of others.

My personal belief is that a measure of caring for others helps some people to feel connected, but somehow, it has to work into their lives in a balanced way.

life’s a journey, not a destination

Maybe it’s the Sagittarius, the hunter, the archer or the explorer in me.  Maybe I crave adventure because I have not seen much.  Maybe I’m… all that people say about me, but maybe I’m not.  And, perhaps… you know, perhaps, it’ll just blow over someday, and later on, little David will walk into my house, […]