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New Social Worker with Family and Children’s Services, also derogatory comments from Christopher

Today around the time Chris and I had our scheduled supervised visits with our son David we also met with Gloria our now former social worker who handed us off to a new one named Sylvia. 

When I first got to the office, Chris was upset over a post I made to Facebook about some Sublime music being played at a Mexican restaurant last night.  He started cursing and got rather loud.  The man working in the office who coincidentally is named David came out and almost asked me to leave since I was so early.  I informed him that I had been instructed to go to the office for an appointment at 9:30 instead of my usual 10:00. 

After the two visits, we also talked with Gloria who asked to speak with us about the argument that happened in their office.  She said that is a family environment and that we should refrain from similar interactions in the future.

During the meeting I had with both social workers (Gloria and Sylvia), Gloria mentioned how if one of us is decided to be an appropriate parent while another is not, we have the choice before us of whether to stay in a relationship with each other or to take custody of David.  I mentioned this to Chris as we were walking to the bus stop to go to a doctor’s appointment for him (where we are waiting for that appointment right now and I’m on a computer in the waiting room).  Chris got really upset and started cursing again on the bus.  He says he’ll leave me and try to take all my money if he is chosen for custody of David.  He also said he’ll try to keep me from seeing David if that happens.  I think that’s not right.  He mentioned that my dad’s old lawyer Jamie Shaules told him before we got married that I’m a “lame”.  I don’t believe him.

Chris has made some inflamatory comments.  I’m questioning whether I really want to spend time with him right now.  I’m feeling sort of hurt and betrayed by him right now.  I had thought we were getting along, but this seems to have driven a new wedge between us.  Why does it have to happen this way every time I think something good is happening? 😦


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