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Think (Photo credit: Lua Ahmed)

Children's fantasy book series

Children's fantasy book series (Photo credit: paige_eliz)

Unitarian Universalists counter protest Westboro

Unitarian Universalists counter protest Westboro (Photo credit: cometstarmoon)


think (Photo credit: the|G|™)

March 20, 2012 – First Day of Spring


As I’m spending more time with myself, I have lots of time naturally to contemplate.  Past sets of ideas have included ramblings about career choices, schooling options, resolutions, and plans.  I still mull over the issues of when and if to start school and/or employment and in exactly which field.  Now that I’m home, and there’s not a whole lot better to do, maybe I should go over the “pros” and “cons” of  the various choices — ALL of them, and I can decide which I like best.  I can also decide the best order in which to take things, the right pace, what to do in preparation of any plans, and all the other details that are important to making these decisions into realities.

First, a list of the ideas that I’ve contemplated over the past two years and prior:

Clinical Psychologist

Research Psychologist

Special Education Teacher

Philosophical Counselor

Unitarian Universalist Minister

Art Educator

Art Therapist

Non Profit Management/Leader of a Mental Health Non Profit Organization

Children’s Book Writer and Illustrator

Language Teacher

Patient’s Rights Advocate


Freelance Writer/Contribute Short Stories to Literary Magazines

Now… Here are the various choices and their pros and cons.  I’m working on it as I write.

Pros Cons
Clinical Psychologist 1. Help 1. Stress
2. Money 2.$ for degree
3. Interesting 3. Difficult
4. High risk of transference leading to stress
Research Psychologist 1. Contribute 1.  Not applied
Special Education Teacher 1.  Help children 1.  Poor pay
2. Help society 2. Stress
3. Structure 3. Busy
4. Satisfaction
5. Interact with children
Philosophical Counselor 1.  Possibly help people 1. Expensive education
2.  Provide alternative 2. Almost like clinical psychologist
Unitarian Universalist Minister 1. Work for social justice 1.  Potentially expensive education/could be reduced
2. Help a community
3. Freedom within position
4. Could work with children as well
5. Promote openmindedness
6. Learn about multiple philosophies
7. Create Change
8.  Job security
9. Can partially study from home
10. Nonjudgmental form of faith
11. Multiple roles in one position
12. Feelings of having contributed
Art Educator
Art Therapist
Non Profit Management/Leader of a Mental Health Non Profit Organization Can support this even as minister
Children’s Book Writer and Illustrator Can continue this as well
Language Teacher Not qualified
Patient’s Rights Advocate X
Journalist X
Freelance Writer/Contribute Short Stories to Literary Magazines I can always do this as I see fit.

I created the above in Excel.  When I got to the one about being a minister, there were so many pros, I was overwhelmed.  I could have written more, but I didn’t have much more to think about after that.  I think I know.  It’s a matter of time, of making sure I have the funds, that I’m ready to start and that I’m at a good time and place emotionally, spiritually and in all respects.  But I think I know.  It’s good to know.

December 26, 2011

Thoughts, goals, resolutions

– About employment:  I need some.  Department of Rehabilitation is one option.  I need to call tomorrow.  I have searched Craigslist though none have benefits.  I’d like something with benefits that uses my psychology degree if I can.  One possibility is a Community Support Worker (CSW) with Interim, Inc.  I might like that better than the county although the county is full time.  I think, however, I’m not ready for full time.  Maybe, maybe not.

– I had misgivings about David being adopted, but my public defender said there is nothing left to do.  My friend, who works with Interim and is a peer, said that I should contact David Vandenburg, the Monterey County Patients’ Rights Advocate.

– I want to get my driver’s license, and to do that I need a doctor to fill out Driver’s Safety medical forms.  The mental health department where I go is less cooperative than the one I used to go to.  My friend said I could also ask David Vandenburg about this.

– My finances are seriously out of whack.  I’ve been pulling from emergency funds, and it’s bad, bad, BAD.  I talked with another friend, the same one as has helped me with different things on numerous occasions from moving into my apartment to taking me to driving me around for things.  Also, I need medical insurance, and the best I can do is to get a job with benefits to cover me.  With or without benefits, a job would be a good idea, still.

– I want to start marketing my children’s book to buyers and bookstores.  I need to take it over to Pacific Grove, some small used bookstores in Monterey and Salinas and some independent ones up in Santa Cruz.  This is an immediate goal.  Later on, when I have some money saved, I’d like to take it up to San Francisco with a business card and the book itself.

– I would like to get my master’s.  I’m interested in a program online through Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.  They look great. It’s in Transpersonal Psychology with an Ecopsychology Emphasis.  I called today, but I would have to decide how to finance it as well as budget my time.

– I also have interests in a master’s of divinity.  I’d have to decide where to go for that.  But I’d want to be a UU minister if I did that.

– – – –

– Concrete actions:

– Talk with Hal about reworking my schedule at Omni Resource Center; ask if I can have more concrete days and tell him I will commit to them.

– Ask about co-facilitating more groups

– Ask about taking on more roles in volunteering

– Work on the newsletter, get articles placed

– Call David Vandenburg tomorrow morning; ask him my questions

– Do one last proofreading of format for book; order new copies to bring to bookstores

– Attend Omni five days a week

– Exercise five days a week

– Track spending in a small notebook

– Keep track of appointments

– Keep home neat and clean

– Be responsible, but have fun, too!

November 4, 2011

A church member recommended writing down a list of ideas for things I would like to do with my life. Writing it down before I go to bed and looking at it when I get up. I shouldn’t give it too much thought.

Here goes:

-Be a counselor or psychologist
-Social Services
-Work for Interim as a CSW
-Work for Interim as a counselor, requires driver’s license
-Be a writer (already started a little)
-Work in schools
-Start a non-profit for mental health
-Work for Greenpeace

That’s all for now.

November 5, 2011

I had some more ideas.

1) Move to Watsonville or even keep living in Salinas but get a master’s from UCSC. It was in one of a few subjects.
a. Philosophy
b. Religious Studies
c. Teaching (one year credential/Master’s program)

2. As I write this, also, if it involves teaching (again), I would be interested in becoming more bilingual, perhaps getting a BCLAD. Many people have discouraged me from working with children again since they thought it would sadden me after not getting to keep David permanently, but I think that is not the case. I still love children. Working with them always makes a profound difference in my life.

3. After getting the base teaching credential, perhaps getting my credential to teach special ed, like I had originally intended. Who know, right?

4. History of Consciousness major at UCSC, get my Ph.D there and become a professor — might be the sanest idea for a while yet.

5. Developmental program at UCSC — getting my Ph.D and being a professor in that field, and a researcher.

[However, I find myself still leaning toward getting my master’s in counseling and being a marriage family counselor, then getting my Psy.D]


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