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Valentine Poem from Our First Year of Marriage

February 13, 2011
And you come to me on a March wind
blowing fast and free.
Warm winds sweep the dew away,
and I am at once at ease.

The gestures that you entangle
with warmth along with fear
prove only that our love is strong
and that we should always remain near.

The winds will change
as sands of time break from those ranks
so old and underwhelmed.

As the light in the dark of shadow
breaks through to the birth of the sun,
in the morning of our reunion, there should be joyous laughter
and never fear, never grow weary of waiting,
for once again, all that is good
and clean and unabashedly true will endure.
September 15, 2011
Never once
 In all my life
 Did I make the choice
 To cause you strife.
In all my life,
 I've never caused you strife,
 Never made you tithe,
 Although the world might say
 That I'm actually to blame.
If someone loves
 Someone else so much
 That they don't want to touch,
 Don't want to hurt,
 But can't just assert...
Their own rights...
Then what's the use
 Of being abused,
 When it causes pain?
Oh, never again.
All my life,
 I've counted out my rights,
 Never did decide,
 If it was justified
 To claim them for myself,
 Myself alone.
Now I know,
 There's no other way.
 You just have to say,
 This is who I am,
 And I'm going to have stay.
Now I know,
 There's no going back,
 Even if it hurts,
 It hurts less than going back.
There's no other way,
 So I just have to sit here
 And say . . .
There was a time,
 A long, long time,
 When it was safe
 To love you.
September 21, 2011
Nobody knows,
 As I go to the left,
 And I step to the right,
 And I walk through this life,
 Oh, nobody knows what's wrong
 or what's right, 'cause nobody cares
 or nobody dares, to say, it's true.
Nobody wears the mask that I wear,
 Riding through the dark, it makes such a mark,
 Nobody cares the stares that I get, and I wonder
 Why here and now, why then and oh, wow, the covers you wear,
 The blankets, they tear, don't really keep warm, don't protect or adorn.
Nobody cries in the night, nobody feels such a fright,
 Nobody watches you breathe, wondering when you will leave,
 And no one can give up with ease or forget to achieve
 All because they forgot
 Everything that you've done.
Nobody ever regrets giving up the wrong way,
 Nobody ever forgets the magic they've made.
 Whenever we walked, whenever we crawled,
 Whenever we marched, whenever we stalled ...
I just knew it was fortune, I just knew it was fate.
 It wasn't just like, but it may have been hate.
 The reason it all fell,
 It fell to the ground.
It's funny just how,
 The the ones that we once loved
 Aren't always around.
October 3, 2011
If I'm depressing, I must say
 There's no better way to share myself
 Than to be myself
 As I like to play with words
 Along the screen, along the scene of life.
If I'm annoying, I must express,
 There's no other way to know, to go the distance, my sweet
 Without shedding light on sensitive subjects
 And crumbling the brittle crusts of injustice
 Onto the floor of yesterday's awakening.
If I'm alarming, I hope to guarantee
 And to sanctify
 But not alarm
 Your genuine feelings of adoration and appreciation
 For all the work we've done over the years
 And all the feelings that have been shared between us.
If I'm disturbing, I regret to inform that I mean nothing other
 Than to show my respects and love, my genuine affection
 And I'll be the first, the last, the only
 To say...
If you're ever alone,
 I'll always be there by your side
 To show the way, sit there and say,
 I love you, daily, in every which way.
December 26, 2011
Advice at the Threshold
Where will you hide your emotions today?
 Where will you plant your motives today?
 When will you weave a new web and play
 instead of waiting around until another day?
What will you expect to earn that’s new?
 You’re just sitting around listening to the morning dew.
 What can you possibly learn to do?
 You’re wasting your time wondering about the consequences for you.
Why are you hesitating at the doorway so long?
 Why don’t you choose a path, then see if it is right or wrong?
 There’s never been a better time to forget your barriers to a better life.
 Cast off and sail the winds.
 Don’t forget to root your dreams in real things,
 But never give up moving on.
January 13, 2012
My Child to be Safe
God bless my little child, one that I love.
Bless you and keep you safe.
I hope you have some fun!
May the world hold the key and the doorway always be clear.
May the night show no fears.
You know that you're the one.
There isn't any other way; there are no other words to say . . .
Bless you and keep you warm, sheltered from the storm.
God bless my only child.
Give strength inside.
Show him light; show him goodness.
Shower him with gold.
Never introduce a need for grief or cause the sting of pain.
Never leave him dreams at night to leave him sad or afraid.
I want him to know and the world to see he is loved on all sides.
Never once, not at all let me have doubt.
My Words
My words . . .
 go silently upon the ground
 like leaves that touch the pavement
 and so much grass clipped fresh and smells natural and clean
My sounds . . .
 they echo softly and cold
 around the chamber of an empty heart as it beats strongly but not for me, just for the sake of preserving life
My eyes . . .
 blink twice and open slowly
 blink once and open quick
 blink three times and open no more, until it's time to wake up and rise again
February 22, 2012
(written for Poetry Contest at Clown Rhymes)
Letter to Myself
Dearest Ms. Me, myself and I.
 What are you waiting for, dear?
 You aren’t getting any younger, you know.
 There are opportunities, recipes, and compositions to create in your life.
 Time stands still for no woman.
 Go forth and create.
 Do not be stagnant.
Oh, I know the old excuse. I’m tired of it, dear.
 You wish you could change this or that.
Look, changes will happen whether you want them to or not,
 but wouldn’t you like to be the one deciding your fate?
 Please don’t leave it all up to chance,
 wasting away another ten years?
It was not a waste, actually.
 The twenties, they were what they needed to be,
 stumbling and picking up again.
 I remember you tried so hard to get it right every time.
 It’s a learning experience, it really is.
And I’m not saying you haven’t done a thing.
 Goodness knows, not that.
 You’ve got some knowledge and experience,
 some mistakes made, a child going to be adopted;
 yes I know it is hard.
 How can you manage to wake up and put on
 a happy face while you are still missing him?
I know you are struggling
 with loss and
You grieved for
 your father
 a long time, too.
 Look where that got you.
By not working out
 those issues early on,
 it only created more, didn’t it?
Dear Self,
 don’t forget
 to be compassionate
 toward yourself but
 in doing so remember
 to take care
 of yourself, too.
You are not accountable
 to the whole world.
You might want to make some people proud,
 maybe even honor the memory
 of your father and grandparents.
That is nothing bad; no, it’s good.
Dear Me,
 I wish I could change my past.
 sometimes I wish this,
 but seriously, if you changed it,
 how do you know it would come out any easier to handle?
 Even if you had a time traveling vehicle,
 you could not see how these changes would play out.
It’s not as complex
 as you are making it.
 You don’t need to explore
 all your options 10,000 times
 to arrive at the right conclusion.
One decision made once is enough,
 and it doesn’t have to be perfect.
 It just has to be right for you, me, and well . . . us.

© theworldofwilma 2011


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