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Staying Home to Pack and Clean

So I’m scheduled to move on October 15th, a Saturday. I have to move all in one day and will have help from at least three if not four people: my husband, Jon Brady from Omni, OT Roseby and my friend Jessica’s brother. I need to confirm all that. Today I decided to stay home from volunteering at Omni and get started packing. I am however going to go to my group at Behavioral Health — Safety/WRAP group.

I’m having trouble in the motivational department. I’m having trouble with getting going today. I so didn’t want to get out of bed, but I have that trouble every morning lately, it seems.


Getting a Hold on New Apartment This Week

I put a $100 hold on a new one bedroom apartment at the opposite end of the complex from where I stay already. Chris, my friend OT and my friend’s brother are going to all help with moving things. I’m going to pack. I have to be out by the 15th, which is a Saturday. I have to move all in one day.

I’ve spent almost two full years in this apartment. We started out, just Chris and me, and we came in here when I was a few months pregnant. We didn’t have furniture or even a bed yet, so we slept on the floor with comforters and pillows. The bed came soon after. Later on, we got the rest of the furniture, a beautiful dark brown reclining sofa and reclining easy chair from Ashley furniture along with a tall rectangular dining room set with stools instead of chairs. And we got a free Dynex TV set with the deal. It was fabulous.

I’ve certainly enjoyed living in this apartment. It’s incredibly comfortable.

Apartment Hunting, Volunteering and Goals

I started looking on to find a one bedroom apartment. I favor South Salinas for a change of scenery. I found a couple for as low as $600 or $620. The one for $600 actually has a washer and dryer in the unit, a luxury to which I’ve grown very accustomed. I don’t want to get backlogged laundry.

Thursday I start volunteering. I’m going to go to the gym and Omni tomorrow. I’m going to try making a goal of going to the gym three to five days a week. I have already had this goal actually, just have not done it in too long. I need to get back to it. Tomorrow’s the day.

I also have been meditating and doing crunches and pushups in my bed every morning and night. It’s a good practice. I have to also start having some tea. I think I’ll do that tonight.

My good friend Tiffany-Lynn Cotta works at Omni Resource Center and is in Hawaii with her dad right now. She said when she gets back, she will help me make a WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan). I’m also going to ask for more days volunteering at Omni. I’m really, really hoping it leads to paid hours. I’m hurting financially, and that is part of the reason I’m looking at moving to lower cost of living situation. I’m just not sure I can make it much longer this way.

My goals, as I posted on Facebook, are to lose the weight I’ve accumulated over the years, especially the large amounts from meds and from baby weight. I’m working on it. After losing weight, I’d like to look seriously into the Master of Science in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology. Later on, maybe I could look into getting an additional degree in Ayurveda although I’m not that well-versed. I’d like to learn about it.

I’ve ordered lots of vegan meal replacement, so I’m going to use that to make my efforts a little more easy. I’ll just mix it with light plain soy milk or whatever the recommendation is. I think soy milk should be fine. I ordered three different flavors for variety.