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Hoping for check, downloading WordPress for Android App, going to group later today (plus exercise)

There are a few things happening today.

1) I’m waiting on a check from John Hancock Annuities.  This is so I can pay my bills and have some extra to cover necessities ’til the end of the month.  It should be in the bank by 8 am this morning, which is about now.  I’ll check again after this entry. [Update:  It’s still not in my my account.  It was supposed to appear automatically, so I’m going to have to call.  Unfortunately, I was brilliant and didn’t record the confirmation number, but I hope they can still trace it.]

2) I’m installing the WordPress for Android app on my phone as this entry is being written.  Actually, it’s installed currently.

3) Later in the afternoon, I’m going to a Safety/WRAP group at behavioral health.

4) Also, I’m going to exercise sometime this morning if I can ever get moving.  I went swimming with Chris on Tuesday, but it was not enough of a workout.

Chris went to work this morning.  We’ll see each other again tomorrow at the visit with David.  I’m meeting the new social worker at 9:30.  He’s meeting her at 10.  After that, we go to Shelter Cove together.  Probably he’ll spend the weekend again.

I have to turn in some library books this week.  I didn’t get to finish them yet.  That’s okay.  I might just renew one — the one about the Diary of Anne Frank.  I’ve had trouble finishing books lately.