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The New Element of Focus Inherent in My Consciousness, at least Somewhat

I’m trying to focus more. I’m trying not to be so scattered as I have been in years past. For this reason, I decided to not go for the Greenpeace job and instead start small with only volunteering a little at Omni, increasing the hours I volunteer with them, and letting that take me where it may. I was going to go to a Coastal Clean-up today, but yet again, I slept in because that’s what I have been doing lately. I think it would be too late if I got there by the time I would starting from the time it is now. So much for that.

I’m listening to meditational music and letting it seep into my consciousness. At some point, I don’t even hear it anymore, and it just melts.


Events that are Looming on the Horizon: Greenpeace Job and Omni volunteering

I’m trying to decide the right balance for my time. Do I want to see if I can get work for Greenpeace three days a week and volunteer two days a week? Or maybe just volunteer one? I have limited time, so I have to make the most of it. Or should I really take on a paid position when my social worker was against the idea? These questions have been in the back of my mind since earlier this week, and I have to answer them for the better or worse.

In a little while, I will be leaving for my talk with Hal at Omni Center at 11:00am. I think I will start with one day volunteering. If for some reason, I don’t do the Greenpeace job, then I will do more.

I need to call Greenpeace in San Jose and ask them if I can have the interview on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. I hope they won’t mind me moving the date.

I’m just having woken up about a half hour ago, and I’m drinking chocolate soy milk, getting ready to go out for the day. I’ve had trouble getting going for about a week and a half or more. I don’t know what’s with me.

On Saturday, I’m doing a Coastal Clean-up Day with Jane Parker, supervisor, and it starts at 9am. I hope I can get up early enough. I’m tired of being a lazy bones, but it’s hard to get myself going in the morning. It doesn’t help that I’ve not been really wanting to go to bed early enough. I’ve gotten in the habit of staying up late as well. Not good.