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Hoping for check, downloading WordPress for Android App, going to group later today (plus exercise)

There are a few things happening today.

1) I’m waiting on a check from John Hancock Annuities.  This is so I can pay my bills and have some extra to cover necessities ’til the end of the month.  It should be in the bank by 8 am this morning, which is about now.  I’ll check again after this entry. [Update:  It’s still not in my my account.  It was supposed to appear automatically, so I’m going to have to call.  Unfortunately, I was brilliant and didn’t record the confirmation number, but I hope they can still trace it.]

2) I’m installing the WordPress for Android app on my phone as this entry is being written.  Actually, it’s installed currently.

3) Later in the afternoon, I’m going to a Safety/WRAP group at behavioral health.

4) Also, I’m going to exercise sometime this morning if I can ever get moving.  I went swimming with Chris on Tuesday, but it was not enough of a workout.

Chris went to work this morning.  We’ll see each other again tomorrow at the visit with David.  I’m meeting the new social worker at 9:30.  He’s meeting her at 10.  After that, we go to Shelter Cove together.  Probably he’ll spend the weekend again.

I have to turn in some library books this week.  I didn’t get to finish them yet.  That’s okay.  I might just renew one — the one about the Diary of Anne Frank.  I’ve had trouble finishing books lately.


Visit from Husband. It’s almost as if we’re not even separated, which is nice.

My dear husband Christopher and I have been living apart since just before the new year turned this year.  We got into domestic disputes, and it was always a lot of discord.  It ended in the advice that my husband find another place to stay.  Now he stays at transitional housing for people with mental health issues (we both have diagnoses which require us to take psychiatic medications and have social workers and doctors, etc.) and our baby boy David who we had last year is with foster care since I had another round of psychiatric illness on April 5th or 6th around my father’s birthday.  That’s a triggering date because of my father’s suicide in 2001 or 2002.  It’s getting easier, but sometimes I still have pangs of grief.

Since the separation started, we have had phases, but now it’s looking promising.  As I talked about in an earlier entry, we got into counseling with a woman who works at his housing facility.  She’s really been very helpful and understanding even though it might be out of the ordinary for them to accept a client such as myself who no longer lives there even though I used to be a client of the program.

Success of Counseling, Our Relationship Going Strong, Getting My Life Organized

My husband’s and my marital relationship has gone upward recently although we are still separated (not legally, just living apart).  Our relationship is going strong.  We get together most weekends.  Last weekend, he came over starting Friday night after we had counseling that day and saw David, then on Saturday we went all the way out to Carmel Valley and went to Carmel Valley Fiesta and had a good time.  We saw my mom after that and brought her pizza from the little store next to her house at Rosie’s Crackerbarrel.  After that, we had a Thai Village dinner, and it was really, really good.  We had a little trouble getting back to my place because the buses has stopped at 7:15 and we were kind of stuck in the valley.  We were looking for a cab when a kind stranger offered us a ride to Monterey bus transit plaza where we caught a bus to Salinas, then a taxi to my home here.  The next day, on Sunday, we had brunch at First Awakenings followed by iced coffee then watching Rise of Planet of the Apes.  After that, Chris went home and I went to my own home.

Yesterday, my mom came to the visit with David but was a half hour or so late.  She had extreme difficulty walking around and the people at the building were concerned.  They thought she should get a wheelchair.  It’s not sure she will.  She might just get another walker.  I was very concerned about her because she had so much trouble just getting from place to place.  It was really concerning.

Besides all this, I need to get my life on track with managing my finances and keeping track of my spending as well as my eating.  I’ve been eating out way too much, and it has to stop.  I need to eat at home the majority of the time.  It’s not good for my body or my budget to eat out at every meal.  It also sends me psychologically into a weird place, I think.  It’s hard to explain.  It probably just makes me feel disorganized, which leads to different types of problems, hard to explain.

I’m going to be getting back on track also with diet and exercise.  Today I’m going to the gym and Omni Center, then I was going to meet Chris at the bus stop and he was going to help me with my vacuum cleaner, plus I guess we will visit for a spell.

Getting back on track is not the hard part.  It’s staying that way that is the challenge. 🙂