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The Adventures of the Greenpeace Job Interview, the Court Hearing, and the HP Pavilion g series with cordless Logitech mouse

Here I am, finally, sitting at the desk which my separated husband Christopher left at the apartment when he moved out. I’m finally on my own compter, an HP Pavilion g series, which I just purchased at Best Buy right next to my apartment. It was a good deal. The computer is very fast. It’s Windows 7 again. With the old Toshiba AMD, I had cleaned the keyboard an improper fashion and caused damage to it almost as soon as I did so. I waited a little while, and today as I was coming home, I purchased its replacement, a brand new HP Pavilion g series with Logitech wireless mouse in blue. It’s a nice setup. Later on, I might get wireless installed, but maybe not. Maybe this is enough. I’ve usually just used my computer at the desk. Now I’m going to try to keep a policy like my father once had of no food or drink at the computer. That way I will not get it dirty and feel compelled to clean it and get it wet.

This morning was the court appointment to terminate reunification services with David. He will be adopted by the family who has been acting as his foster parents, the Rasmussens. We will still have visits until the family moves for the adoptive father’s job in the Navy. They will keep a Facebook page to allow us to keep in contact.

I have an interview with the San Jose office for Greenpeace International set for next Tuesday at 4:00pm. I would be going by Monterey Salinas Transit, Santa Cruz Metro and Amtrak bus. I’m going to be trying to change it to Wednesday instead of Tuesday in order to be able to make my appointment with my social worker Yvette on Tuesday. I have to check what time that appointment is. I have it in my small appointment book.

I’m not hungry much right now even though I had only one light meal of salad and a plum later. I guess I am slightly hungry. I could have some whole grain crackers and some of the almond butter I got at the farmer’s market for $6. I love almond butter!