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Chris decides not to continue with counseling

I made a post from John Steinbeck Library in Oldtown Salinas. I was close to the time limit being up, and I said how I was concerned with Chris.

That day I called Chris and he was okay, but he acted like he didn’t know why I was calling. He didn’t want to continue with counseling, which was a harsh reality I’ve had to accept these past two weeks. Thus (maybe, probably) ends a very short marriage. I’m sure there have been shorter ones, but I had hoped ours would not fall within that category.


Just a quick post in the Salinas Steinbeck Library

I’m quickly running out of time on the ticker. I just thought I would update.

I’m doing well, going to go work out soon. Chris is possibly not doing as well though I do not really know because I have not talked to him in a number of days. I am a little concerned but trying to maintain myself in a state of calm.

Hopefully, everything works out for the best.

I think I’m going to get a new book while I’m here at the library.