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Trying Again with My Husband On Our Own

Here we go again, embarking on a mission to try to succeed in helping our marriage, this time without counseling, just on our own terms. We shall see. I want us to support each other and be good to each other. I want us to love each other and carry each other over the rough patches. I want us to grow together and foster new hopes, aspirations and courage. I want us to share in the glory of aging gracefully together. I want our marriage to stand the test of time and tribulation. I want us to traverse the minefields and the morning glories together. I want us to wade through the shallow end and swim to the deep end of life together. I want us to tunnel underground, over mountains, and trek over rocky peaks together in the journey of life. I want us to experience things together, new and old. I want us to share our joys and sorrows together. I want us to guide each other to each new experience and make them that much more memorable because we were there together. I want us to be individuals but a pair nonetheless. I want love to flourish.

I should start praying morning and night and at random times. I’ve gotten out of the habit of meditation again, but I will start. And I will add prayer.


Crying in public is not a recommended activity before going to see a lawyer

… Or who knows, maybe it could be motivation to get the case exactly right. Who knows, right? Who really knows anything? Who knew that a marriage could only last a year and a half and result in the reason for the marriage being catapulted into the care of another family. Maybe everybody knew but me. Or maybe I knew but denied reality like some kind of reality denier. Who knew?

Chris decides not to continue with counseling

I made a post from John Steinbeck Library in Oldtown Salinas. I was close to the time limit being up, and I said how I was concerned with Chris.

That day I called Chris and he was okay, but he acted like he didn’t know why I was calling. He didn’t want to continue with counseling, which was a harsh reality I’ve had to accept these past two weeks. Thus (maybe, probably) ends a very short marriage. I’m sure there have been shorter ones, but I had hoped ours would not fall within that category.