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Publishing and Consignment

I am not sure if I have lost my readership.  I first took a very long hiatus, then had to go into treatment when I went off my medication again.

Since then, I’ve published my poetry book, and the owner of a new bookstore in Old Town Salinas has told me she’ll put my poetry books and children’s books in her store on consignment.  She said also that she might like if I do a poetry reading on her grand opening.


The Poetry Challenge – Week 4 – A Letter To Myself

The Poetry Challenge – Week 4 – A Letter To Myself.

I am about to submit my poem, last one on the list in my poetry section.  I also cleaned up my layout on this site to be easier to read and, well. . . more organized.  I hope it’s enjoyable to some.  If you haven’t seen my writing and artwork, there is my poetry as well as my slideshow and gallery of art and my one essay.  There may be more to come.  Also, there’s a random bit for ideas.  I welcome people to share their thoughts, criticism or whatever you feel like sharing.  Get mad at me for my expressions, I don’t care.  I just want to know what effect it is having on readers.

Thanks.  Find the poem as I said in the Poetry section of this blog, and while you’re at it, if you’re into reading poetry, take a gander at the others on that page.  It’s a nice site if you’re into that sort of thing.