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My birthday is in three days. Today I am at Omni Resource. There is a community meeting and a birthday celebration for people whose birthdays are in December. Christopher is in Monterey at a Peer-to-Peer course. I hope it benefits him.

I don’t have much to write. Oddly enough for me, I haven’t felt like writing lately. No pressure.

If I’m not back in a few weeks or days, don’t come lookin’ for me, k? I’ll get to it in my own time. Until then, have a pleasant intro to the month of Decembre.

I may post some more information on how to buy my book off either or CreateSpace (the publisher). Soon I will be working more on marketing. I added the copyright logo yesterday.

Ready, set, vroom. ***


I just wanted to say…

I finally posted a customized header! Yay! And that is all.