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Decreased Visitation and Publishing on Lulu

So it is finally happening, the thing I have been dreading: The transition towards permanent adoption is beginning slowly but not slowly enough. Starting next week, I only get one visit a week (Fridays). This gives me too much time to feel sorry for myself or whatever other non-constructive emotions or actions I may engage in.

In other news, I’ve decided take the first steps in publishing on . It’s going to be really cool. I’ll get to publish for free, and I’ll get 80% royalties back. If I publish before a certain date in December this year, I get one copy of the book free. I’m going to publish the story that’s in my story section on this site, the story titled The Bears of the Wood. I may not make boatloads of money right off the bat, but at least I’ll have done


. Something is better than nothing.

I feel sometimes I do have nothing, but I don’t. It’s an illusion. I have a lot more than some people have even if I may not have all of what other people have or even half of what I may want. I can always work harder and always accomplish more. I’m not halfway through my lifespan most likely, and there’s time. There’s always time. And possibilities. And love. And hope.