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Staying Home to Pack and Clean

So I’m scheduled to move on October 15th, a Saturday. I have to move all in one day and will have help from at least three if not four people: my husband, Jon Brady from Omni, OT Roseby and my friend Jessica’s brother. I need to confirm all that. Today I decided to stay home from volunteering at Omni and get started packing. I am however going to go to my group at Behavioral Health — Safety/WRAP group.

I’m having trouble in the motivational department. I’m having trouble with getting going today. I so didn’t want to get out of bed, but I have that trouble every morning lately, it seems.


Moving to a One Bedroom in the Same Complex Next Week, and Other Accomplishments

I had been looking around for one bedrooms, but when I asked my manager if I could move before my lease is up, they said I would be responsible for the rent until they found a new renter. That dashed my plans to move into a complex just a little ways away from here but still in the North Salinas realm. As a result, I talked with my friend, Jessica, who works in the office and had a baby girl at the same time I had a baby boy. It came up from a maintenance man who was listening to the conversation that there is, in fact, a rental available on the opposite side of my apartment complex, a one bedroom, downstairs unit. It rents for more than what I had been aiming for, but given my current situation, it’s the best I could come up with at the moment. The head manager said I could move in as soon as next week if I can get some money down to hold it by this coming Monday. So that’s a good thing, since I’m pretty sure I can do that.

Otherwise, I saw David today, and he can walk now! I was so proud! I’m a proud mommy! I love my baby, yay! And he’s doing really well, I’m so happy. Chris was really emotional yesterday about David and about the separation. I felt bad for him.

I’ve been volunteering at Omni Resource Center this week. I started on Thursday, but before that I had started co-facilitating groups already. With the new month, I hope to do the facilitation training. I’m going to ask about it. I want to turn this into a real job someday if I can.